Provincial Priors Golf Day

Next year on Sunday 26th June we will again be holding our Bi-Annual Church Service as in 2014 the Provincial Prior has set himself a challenge to raise money on behalf of the Hospital of St John and the Hospital of St Cross.

It is his intention to play golf from Dawn to Dusk at Wellow Golf Course and asks the Knights of the Province to support him in this venture with Sponsorship.To make thinks a little bit interesting he has set 3 categories with prizes to the closest in guessing how many holes he plays, how many shots he takes and how far he walks.

Click here to download the sponsorship form.



The Provincial Prior is thrilled to announce that at the Great Priory meeting at Great Queens Street, on Tuesday 17th November 2015, V.E.Kt. Jon Whitaker will be appointed and invested as the Great Prior of Malta in succession to R.E.Kt. Eddie Goodwin.

This is a tremendous honour for Jonathan and of course the Province of H&IOW .

The Provincial Prior has sent the congratulations of all the knights of the Province to Jon and wished him a long and happy tenure in this prestigious position.

This means that three of the key positions in Great Priory, that of Great Seneschal, Great Vice-Chancellor and Great Prior will all be held by members from this Province.





Well at last we have made a move to a new venue for our meeting and really hope the whole day is to your satisfaction. Please let me have your comments, whatever they may be, as we will be here again next year, on our normal Saturday. It has not been an easy transition and wish to thank everyone who has made it possible including our host Preceptory, Royal Naval No 2.

Thank you all again for travelling to our special day, when the North & South Island meet to greet you all.

As you heard in our requiem, the passing of R Em Kt Rev Dr Michael Morgan K.C.T., one of our Past Provincial Priors was noted and he was such a unique character in all Orders in this Province and will be sadly missed by all.

My special thanks to all who have worked so hard to make this day work, especially the Provincial Vice-Chancellor & our retiring Provincial Marshall, who has been a tower of strength and support. Thank you Steve.  Good luck and congratulations to the new Provincial Team and those I have promoted and look forward to their company during the coming year. A special mention to E Kt Sydney Aynsworth who was promoted to PP2ndCon last year, who came on many of our visits, and celebrated 50 years of KT membership earlier this year. Congratulations. Thanks are due to my Bodyguard who have supported me with their special humour and willing services. During the year it was my pleasure and honour to award provincial rank to my bodyguard commander, Kt John Lemm and a promotion to E Kt David Bargrove. Well deserved.

Our bi-annual Church Service at St Cross, Winchester will be held on the 26th June 2016 . Next May I will be undertaking another personal challenge in aid of the Eye Hospital in Jerusalem and Church of St Cross. I will be playing golf at Wellow GC from dawn to dusk (15hrs approx.) and to get some interest (and your money!!) three prizes will be given. To the person who guesses how many holes I complete, how many strokes played and what distance I walk!  Thank you all in advance for your generous sponsorship and support.  Talking about donations, it was with great surprise that I received a cheque for £1250.00 made out to the Eye Hospital from a Lodge in Devon that has had to close. This was `sponsored` by E Kt David Painter. Thank you David.  Our Warden of Regalia, E Kt Peter Sanders sold many lapel badges and regalia and this contributed over £1700 to the St John hospital. Well done indeed! Congratulations to Mark Mills-Goodlet who won the Provincial Priors Golf Trophy in July after a wash out earlier in the year. The day was organised by E.Kts`s Angus Steel & David Nash and my thanks to them. The end result was another generous donation to the Eye Hospital.

The `Open Forum` has been held again and all Preceptories were represented. It was useful in many ways and is a very important annual event and some good two way discussions held. I appeal again for the Preceptory Registrars to keep up this communication channel to all your Members. Another new innovation has been `The Templar Times` edited by our Provincial Registrar, David Nash and it has been a positive addition in our communication to all in our Province.

Please continue to work as hard as you can in ensuring you support the Craft & Royal Arch, as without these foundations, this wonderful order will wither. To assist in this a banner is on show at the annual meetings of other progressive & select Orders, which sets out criteria and contact data for those interested in our Christian Order.

Thank you all for your attendance today, I am proud and humbled to be your Provincial Prior! Most important of all, enjoy your Freemasonry, have a safe journey home and God bless you all.

MARCH 2015

Templar Times : Each member of the Province should receive a copy of the Templar Times newsletter! If you would like to contribute, please contact the Provincial Registrar.


MARCH 2015

From the Provincial Vice-Chancellor:

I am pleased to inform you that I have received notification from Great Priory that at the Temple meeting of Great Priory in May the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master will invest the following Knights of our Province with Great Priory honours;
E.Kt. Tony Bargrove – Great Registrar
E.Kt. Ron Horley – Great Aide-de-Camp
E.Kt. Tony Digweed – Past Great Registrar
E.Kt. Les Dear – Past Great Herald
E.Kt. Bill Whitfield – Past Great Almoner
E.Kt. James Colville – Past Great Standard Bearer (B)
E.Kt. Roger Jenkins – Past Great Warden of Regalia
Congratulations to all those who are receiving first appointment or promotion.

MARCH 2015

The Christian Order’s Biennial Family Service of Evensong will be held at The Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty,St Cross Road – Winchester – SO23 9SD on Sunday 14th June 2015 at 2p.m.
This traditional evensong will be followed by a ‘High Tea’ in the Brethren’s Hall, the cost, £7.50 per head. If you would like to join us on this special occasion, with or without Tea, could you complete and return the form below together with payment if appropriate please, to Lee Robinson by the 7th June 2015.

Click here for more details and the booking form



Details of the Provincial Priors Golf Day are available by clicking here.


Provincial Priory Luncheon will be held in Winchester Masonic Centre on 19th April 2015 – Details at



We have been holding our Provincial Priory AGM’s at Botley Masonic Centre, however the facilities at the centre have become increasingly cramped as attendance of the meetings has increased. In September 2014 we were having to turn away Knights because we had reached the capacity that the building is licenced to hold. In addition, there was a lack of changing and reception areas to accommodate the increase in numbers.

The executive have for some time been looking into the possibility of moving the meeting to more spacious premises and with the restriction of car parking that was announced recently it gave a greater focus to look at alternatives.

With this in mind there will be a change in venue, and for this year only, a change in date.

The meeting will be held at Rookesbury Event Centre (, Southwick Road, Wickham, Fareham. PO17 6HT on Monday 7th September 2015.

Rookesbury affords us ample parking, multiple changing facilities, separate dining and temple rooms and the ability to accommodate more knights at the meetings. The meeting from 2016 onwards will be held once again on the 1st Saturday of the month.



It has pleased our Provincial Prior to announce the introduction of a unique lapel badge for the members of our Province. They are available from me at a cost of £5 each; all proceeds will go to The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group – a Foundation of The Order of St John, the oldest charity in the world.
Please see the attached application form for details. It would be appreciated if Registrars could distribute this information to their respective members, collate the requests made known to them, complete the application form and forward to me with cheques made payable to ‘The Provincial Priory of Hampshire & IoW’. Alternatively Bro. Kt’s can make an individual application, please add £1.00 to cover P&P. Orders will be dispatched upon receipt.
In addition to the postal service badges will be available during the official visits throughout the year, however get yours early and wear it with pride.
Yours in the Bonds of the Order
E.Kt. Pete Sanders
Provincial Warden of Regalia.
Click here to download the form 




I feel we have had enough excitement for one day and hope those who took part will remember it with affection.

Once again many thanks to all who are here today, some have travelled far to share this special day in H&IOW KT Provincial history.

My special thanks to all who have worked so hard to make this day work, especially the Provincial Vice-Chancellor & Provincial Marshal and to the Members of the Provincial Team who are stepping down today, especially E.Kt. Tony Bargrove, V.E.Kt. John Wilson and E.Kt. Brian Wisbey, all of whom have been a tower of strength in all they have done for the Province. Good luck and congratulations to the new Provincial Team, those I have promoted and look forward to their company during the coming year. Thanks are due to my Bodyguard, many of whom are standing down this year, who have supported me with their special humour and willing services. Our host Preceptory, Parsifal have done a fine job in assisting in whatever has been asked of them.

Our bi-annual Church Service at St Cross, Winchester held on the 8th June was a great success with other Heads of Orders from this Province supporting us. As you know last year I said I would complete The Pilgrims Trek of approx. 180 miles around the Province, visiting every Preceptory meeting place. This was completed with the help of Pam & Kt. Ron Mabey and £3750 has been donated to the Eye Hospital in Jerusalem, RMTGB and Church of St Cross. Thank you all for your generous support.

The `Open Forum` started last year has been held again and all Preceptories were represented, some good discussions held and the future looks bright. Preceptory Registrars, please keep up this communication channel to all your Members.

We are in preliminary discussions with Great Priory of France re involvement with the formation of a Preceptory in Normandy and E.Kt. Tony Bargrove is our liaison man. More details will be sent out when available.

Congratulations and good luck to our new Sub-Prior; he will be carrying out at least two official visits when the Malta degree is carried out. Please support him in his endeavours.

Please can I ask that you continue to work as hard as you can in ensuring you support the Craft & Royal Arch, as without these foundations, this wonderful order will wither?

Enjoy your Freemasonry, thank you for your attention and God bless you all.”




StJohn1News from the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group

I have been sending out a Gaza update to some people. I thought you might be interested. I’m afraid it makes for a very depressing read.

I am sending you what I can, some of this update will not be new, but I have included info from statements from the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the UN/WHO on the healthcare situation. It is increasingly difficult to get in touch with our staff on the ground as they now have no power.

The UN, in a statement co-signed by the World Health Organisation, have declared “a health disaster of widespread proportions is rapidly unfolding in the Gaza Strip as a direct result of the ongoing conflict.” The statement stressed that one-third of Gaza’s hospitals, 14 healthcare centres, and 29 ambulances have been damaged by Israeli fire since Operation Protective Edge began (fortunately not our clinic).

As of a couple of days ago Israel advised over 460,000 Palestinians to vacate the Gaza their homes and move to a buffer zone next to Israel (see the map below). Our staff are terrified and we are all terrified for them. I also attach the link to the BBC website where this map and the latest is featured. . As you can see, over 40% of Gaza is now meant to be a no-go zone, yet with very little place to go instead.


The recent conflict between Gaza and Israel has severely affected our services. We are working hard to ensure that the long-term negative impact is minimal, and that we can resume our services swiftly once the conflict is over in order to cater for the large influx of patients we are expecting. We have been forced to close our Gaza clinic since Monday 7th July in the interest of staff and patient safety. It remains unclear at this time when it will become safe to reopen. Currently, and fortunately, we have not lost any of our staff members, and our Gaza Clinic itself has not been damaged by any of the air strikes.

In the meantime, our doctors are on-call at hospitals across Gaza to lend their specialist ophthalmic and general medical skills to emergency cases. When similar situations have occurred in the past, our services have been desperately needed to help people who are suffering from debris in their eyes or who have been hit with rubber bullets. Indeed only this month we were unable to save the sight of a young man who was hit in his only eye with a rubber bullet; he is now completely blind. The fragile eye needs immediate expert care if sight is to be saved and sadly it took some time for this man to reach us.

With the situation in Palestine at the moment we are urging all friends to do what they can.

Our medical director gave us this update from our staff in Gaza but this was a week ago. We have decided not to share the names of the doctors and nurses, as medics have been targeted. To protect them we have kept their updates anonymous. We can tell you that two of our doctors have managed to get their families evacuated, although they themselves have decided to stay to help on the ground. Two of our nurses have had their houses severely damaged.

One doctor has managed to speak to us directly. He said there is no safe place in Gaza right now. They just have to pray that they will make it to the next day. Some patients have been transferred to Jerusalem. An example of two injured Gazan patients with eye problems who were seen in Jerusalem by our staff gives an idea of the conflict.

One of our trustees Dr Majed Abu Ramadan who lives in Gaza has said that he has 60 people who he has taken in to his home as they have lost theirs. This was last week so there may now be more.   Although the hospital isn’t seeing patients we know from previous experience we will be inundated with not only those who had appointments or required surgery and whose conditions will undoubtedly have got worse but also the normal additional patients numbers and those who have suffered eye problems from shrapnel, masonry etc and other complications. It’s hard to put any number on this we just know we will be stretched when the time comes. The Gaza Ministry of Health has just yesterday released a statement saying that 35% of those injured in the conflict will have long term or permanent disabilities. This includes visual impairment or complete blindness. As you can see from the two case studies mentioned, sadly many will suffer multiple long term disabilities.


6 years old – Paediatric ICU

Seen by Dr. Husam Rahal on 21.7.2014

A rocket hit the house and the ceiling fell on Khaled.

Hip trauma

Head trauma

Brain damage

Coma – Paralysis

Left lid retraction

Right ptosis

Right RAPD

Slightly pale optic disc


22 years old – ICU

Seen on Dr. Yahya Sweiti on 18.7.2014

Blunt trauma to the head and the right eye with rocket shrapnel

Head Trauma

Brain Haemorrhage

Brain Damage


Coma – Paralysis

Right severe direct trauma

Right proptosis

Dry eye

Dry corneas

No view of the funds

Sorry for the incredibly depressing email. I pray that I can one day soon send a more hopeful email.

Diana Safieh – Individual Giving Manager

150th Anniversary Meeting of William Stuart Preceptory No.76a

Monday 2nd June saw the 150th Anniversary of the William Stuart Preceptory!

As well as the Provinical Prior, R.E.Kt. David Coombes, and his bodyguard, they were also honoured by the presence of the Great Seneschal, V.H.&R.E.Kt. Malcolm Slater.

The candidate for the evening was Anthony Hill who was presented with a copy of the history of the Preceptory up to 1960, written by E.Kt. Lt.Col. Graham Crewe – a previous registrar of No.76a.

The after proceedings was closed with a toast to the Preceptory – may in continue for another 150 years!

Pictures of the Pilgim’s Trek

We cannot display this gallery

20TH March 2014

IMG_2768 BtoC IMG_2772

At 10:00 on Thursday 20th March, the Provincial Prior, R.E.Kt. David Coombes took the first steps on his “Pilgrim’s Trek” where he will visit all the Masonic Centres in Hampshire and Isle of Wight that host KT meetings.

During the first part of the first day he was accompanied by Loveland Registrar, Peter Martin and Loveland and Sepulchre member Keith Rushall-Smith. 5.69 miles and 1 hour 42 minutes after leaving Knole Road, Bournemouth they were welcomed at Christchurch’s Warren Avenue Masonic Centre by Harold Birch and Trek “road manager” Ron Mabey.

At the start of the Trek over £2,000 had been pledged with the proceeds going to the Eye Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, the Church of St. Cross and the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.


 The Right Eminent Provincial Prior has great pleasure in announcing that the following knights of the Province have been awarded Great Priory rank by the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master and will receive their rank at the May meeting of Great Priory at Great Queens Street, London.


2nd Great Constable – V.E.Kt. Brian Charles Bellinger

Past Great Herald – E. Kt. Jeffrey Charles Southwick

Past Great Standard Bearer (B) – E.Kt. Peter Frederick Wyles, JP

1st Appointments

Great Aide-De-Camp – E.Kt. Ronald Horley

Past Great Aide-de-Camp – E.Kt. Ralph Walter Coney

Past Great Warden of Regalia – E.Kt. Trevor John Ross



From the Provincial Prior:


I have much pleasure in advising you that at our next Provincial meeting to be held at Botley on the 6th September 2014, I will be appointing and investing E. Kt. James Colville as my Sub-Prior.

James is a Member of Royal Naval Preceptory & Priory No 2 and is a Grand Officer in both Craft & Royal Arch, so brings close & important links to these important Orders.

Whilst announcing this, I wish to pay tribute to the stirling work & support of E Kt Tony Bargrove P.Gt.Her. for all his work for the Province, not only as Prov Vice-Chancellor, but as a very active Sub-Prior. Believe me, his talents and his love for the Order will be used in the future.

I am sure you will join me in wishing both of the above named Knights all the very best for the future.





First of all a hearty welcome to everyone attending today, I know some of you have travelled far and wide to be with us here at Botley. Thank you.


I said it in February, at my Installation, but will say again how proud and honoured I am to pick up the fine legacy of Trevor Gulliver As your Provincial Prior I promise to devote myself to the Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight.


My special thanks to all who have worked so hard to make this day work and to the Members of the Provincial Team who are stepping down today, especially V Em Kt John Prizeman, who has been a tower of strength in all he has done for the Province. Good luck and congratulations to the new Provincial Team, those I have promoted and look forward to their company during the coming year. Thanks are due to my Bodyguard, who have supported both Trevor & I, their special humour and willing services are much appreciated. Our host Preceptory, Frescewatre, from the South Island have done a fine job in assisting in whatever has been asked of them.


Next year we will have the bi-annual Church Service at St Cross, Winchester on the 8th June and look forward to seeing you there. To `celebrate` this (if that is the right word!) I hope to do a walk next Spring from Mudeford to Winchester, but will take in every Preceptory meeting place, including the South Island. This will be approx. 180miles and will be called `The Pilgrims Trek`. Full details will go on our website, but sponsorship monies (gift aided I hope) will go the Eye Hospital in Jerusalem, RMTGB and Church of St Cross. Please support these worthy causes and join me on the way!


An innovation this year saw us have an `open forum` whereby all Preceptories were represented and a wide range of views were sought and discussed. This is of great assistance to your executive.


The Preceptory of Improvement was a mixed bag and I look forward to progress of this in the coming year when I have asked that some concentration be given to the Malta Degree; it is well worth it, so please support this initiative.


Can I please ask that you all work as hard as you can in ensuring you support the Craft & Royal Arch, as without these foundations, this wonderful order will wither.


Our web site is now under new `management`, so please give feedback, as information is there for your benefit.


In a moment we will all listen to our Precepts, let us all try and keep to them, they are worth the effort of that I am sure.


As Stuart Middleton says to me often, there is no i in teamwork. Let us continue to work together in friendship and harmony in the year to come.


Enjoy your Freemasonry, thank you for your attention and God bless you all.”





Installation of New Provincial Prior


A new era was ushered in on Friday the 22nd February 2013 when Officers of Great Priory, led by the Very High and Right Eminent Great Seneschal, Malcolm Ernest Slater G.C.T. opened a Chapter of Provincial Priory at the Masonic Centre, Botley, for the purpose of installing a new Provincial Prior and Sub Prior. As a large contingent of the Great Priory team were Hampshire Knights this gave a local feeling to the whole proceedings.

Those Knights from the Province who assisted the V.H. & R.E. Great Seneschal, were V.E.Kt. Walter John Wild, P.2nd.Gt.Con, who acted as 1st Great Constable, V.E.Kt. John Herbert Prizeman, P.2nd.Gt.Con, who acted as 2nd Great Constable, E.Kt. Steven Groeger, Great Herald and E.Kt. Jonathan C. Whitaker, P.Gt.Std.B. (B) who acted as Grand Master’s Banner Bearer.

The other members of the Great Priory team who assisted the V.H. & R.E. Great Seneschal were, E.Kt. Lt.Cdr. Angus P.D. Hannagan, P.Gt.A-de-C, who acted as Great Vice-Chancellor, R.E.Kt. Paul R. Clement, G.C.T. Great Marshal, V.E.Kt. John C. Chambers, P.Gt.Reg, Deputy Great Marshal, E.Kt. Peter G. Halls-Dickerson, P.Gt.Std.B. (B) who acted as Great Sword Bearer, E.Kt. David Jordan, Great Captain of Guards, E.Kt. Naunton C.W. Liles, Great Organist and V.E.Kt Thomas Thomson, P.Gt.Reg, Great Guard. There were also a large contingent of official guests from other provinces, 68 in total, who travelled from as far away as Durham and East Yorkshire to see our new Provincial Prior installed; in total 181 knights attended the meeting.


The Provincial Prior Nominate, E.Kt. David Frederick Coombes was admitted, presented by the Great Marshal, R.E.Kt. Paul Clement, G.C.T. and installed as Provincial Prior by The V.H. & R.E. Great Seneschal.

The Provincial Sub-Prior Nominate, E.Kt. Anthony Lawrence Bargrove was admitted, presented by the Deputy Great Marshal, V.E.Kt. John Chambers, P.Gt.Reg, and installed as Provincial Sub-Prior by the R.E. Provincial Prior. The R.E. Provincial Prior then invested E.Kt. Rod Armitage as Provincial Registrar and E.Kt. Julian Mitchell as Provincial Vice-Chancellor. The Great Priory Officers retired from the temple and the R.E. Provincial Prior closed the meeting.


The Provincial Priors Bodyguard sprang into action with the assistance of other members of the Provincial team and cleared the room and set it up for the dining. After the meal the V.H. & R.E. Great Seneschal rose and proposed a toast to the new Provincial Prior wishing him every success in his new role. The R.E. Provincial Prior responded to his toast by thanking everyone for attending the event and making it such a success. He had no doubts that he would enjoy his time as Provincial Prior and that he could rely on the same level of support that his predecessor received.

As a token of thanks, the R.E. Provincial Prior then presented gifts to the installing officer, V.H. & R.E. Kt. Malcolm Slater, the Great Marshal, R.E.Kt. Paul Clement and E. Kt. Angus Hannagan.