List of Preceptories
Royal Naval (Portsmouth)
Sepulchre Preceptory & Sandeman Priory (Christchurch)
Royal Gloucester (Southampton)
William Stuart (Alton)
Loveland (Bournemouth)
Vectis (Ryde IOW)
Pilgrim (Havant)
St Michael & St Mary (Andover)
Emmaus (Petersfield)
Excalibur (Botley)
Frescewatre (Cowes IOW)
Parsifal – Chandlers Ford
A list of all Preceptory meeting days is shown below. To download and print a chart of all Preceptory meetings, including Official Visits, please go to foot of this page. A list of only the Official Visits can be found under the Province section of our website.

  • Royal Naval No.2 (Portsmouth) – 1st Friday in January (I), March (Malta), May; 4th Friday in September
  • Sepulchre No.27 (Christchurch) – 1st Friday in March (I), May, October and December
  • Royal Gloucester No.32 (Southampton) – 3rd Weds. in January; 3rd Thurs. in May (I); 4th Monday in March & September
  • William Stuart No.76A (Alton) – 4th Monday in February (Malta) & October (I); 1st Monday in June
  • Loveland No.194 (Bournemouth) – 4th Monday in February (I), April, September & November (Malta)
  • Vectis No.237 (Ryde, IoW) – 3rd Friday in February, April & October (I); Last Friday in November
  • Pilgrim No.357 (Havant) – 1st Friday in December (I), March (Malta), June & September
  • St.Michael & St.Mary No.432 (Andover) – 4th Monday in January, March, June (Malta) & November (I)
  • Emmaus No.569 (Petersfield) – 3rd Wednesday in October, January, March (I) & June (Malta)
  • Excalibur No.574 (Botley) – 4th Friday in January, March, May & October (I)
  • Frescwatre No.575 (Cowes, IoW) – 2nd Tuesday in January (Malta); 1st Tuesday in March June & November (I)
  • Parsifal No.617 (Chandler’s Ford) – 3rd Thursday in January (Malta), February, April & October (I)

    N.B.  (I) = Installation Meeting of a Preceptory